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All members are expected to adhere to the Guild Bylaws.

Library List

Feel free to browse our extensive library list.

Equipment List

Please contact Vivian ( if you’d like to rent equipment so she can bring it to a regularly scheduled meeting.

Equipment Rental Fee Deposit
Ashford Spinning Wheel $25/month $100
Clemes & Clemes Spinning Wheel $25/month $100
Cotton Cards $5/month $20
Drum Carder $30/month $50
Elbee Picker $30/month $100
Harrisville Designs 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle 22in. Foldering Loom with Seat $50/month $100
Sabina 32 in. 4-Shaft Folding Loom $50/month $100
Warping Board $5/month $25