Upcoming Classes!

Weaving Summer and Winter


The Weavers Study Group is sponsoring a Summer and Winter weaving workshop with Sue Helmken on May 31-June 2.  It will be a 2 and a half day workshop, with set up and opening presentation on Friday. It will be held at the Conference Center Workroom where the Piedmont Fiber Guild meets.  The cost is $175.00 per person, payable to the Piedmont Fiber Guild.  It is open to all current members of the Piedmont Fiber Guild.  If you are not a current member, please include an additional $35.00 for membership.  Checks should be mailed to Carol Wertz.

The workshop will be limited to 14 people, first to pay, first to receive a spot. You will need a minimum of 4 shaft loom and the guild does have a couple of looms available to rent.  Sue Helmken may also have looms available for rent. 


If we do hit the 14 people, it will be quite cozy in the workshop, but we are all fiber friends and will make it work.  If you sign up and pay and then are unable to attend, you will be responsible for finding your replacement if you need a refund and there is no waiting list.

There will be an approximately $15.00 materials fee due to Sue Helmken at the time of the workshop.  For workshop logistic information, contact Carol Wertz at For specific questions on Summer and Winter, contact Sue Helmken at

The threading drafts will come out in sufficient time in advance of the workshop to allow you to prepare your looms.